Front Porch Enhancements

Bespoke porches will not only add curb appeal, enhancing the look of the front of your home, but they also add value to any home. Hand crafted porches will add character, style and personality as well as providing protection from the elements. In the winter they provide a airlock between the house and the elements, minimising heating bills.

On this project we added a canopy structure onto the existing building to create a bespoke new front porch. It was essential to both get the design right, proportionally to the rest of the house, and to use the right materials. We worked with the client’s specification and assisted by providing advice on suitable materials.

The client chose to have a seasoned oak glazed gable and a green oak supporting structure with plain tiles that matched the existing roof. By tying in the materials on the 2 roofs we ensured that the new feature mirrored the overall design of the house, enhancing the style.

Green oak is oak that has been freshly cut within the last 18 months. It is a very popular material used in timber structures as it is strong and naturally long lasting. It is also much better for cutting and shaping.

Our clients were delighted with the outcome. It will increase the value of their home and will last a lifetime.